Dating a schizoid

Cluster B shows dramatic, emotional or erratic behavior and includes antisocial, borderline, histronic and narcissistic personality disorders.Cluster C shows anxious or fearful behavior and includes avoidant, dependent and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders.These men chose to abandon civilization and interpersonal connections and left all contact with the social world behind them.Contrary to the rules of social psychology, these individuals forsook involvement with literally everyone, instead preferring the company of their own solitude.

I am a SPD and I don´t understand the concept of love, at least the common modern society concept, specially romantic love.

These solitary individuals quite possibly sufferred from Schizoid Personality Disorder.

Social psychologists believe that group behavior is the motivation behind human actions.

People have a need for belonging, understanding, controlling, self-enhancing, and trusting, and this drives their individual behaviors.

However, some individuals don't appear to conform to the rules of social psychology.

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