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She stretched, her lithe teenage body writhing erotically. Blazer took a step, snorted, then gently took the apple from her mouth. Blazer took a step forward, nudged his face between her two large tits and rumbled his lips. Blazer lowered his head, nuzzling his cold nose and big lips between her legs. His front hoofs pawed the hay-strewn floor of the barn. She turned to face the giant stallion, her face flushed with passion. She laughed, then gasped as Blazer's wet lips caressed her ass. His mane caressed Alice's thighs and ass as he nosed through her ass cheeks. "Blazer brought his head back to Alice's jerking ass.

She kicked the lightweight sheet from her naked body and enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun. Her pale blue eyes brightened as she spotted her mother going into the barn. Noisily, he chomped, then whinnied his thanks."I have a lot more for you to chew," she whispered hoarsely. His long tail swished, and he snorted again."Oooo," Alice gasped. He snorted from the scent of her asshole and juicy pussy. " She jammed back, making Blazer neigh and jerk his head back. He chomped playfully on her ass cheeks, making them red and glistening.

I heard my boss say distinctively all the way from his London office, "I guess its time to wake up, Sleeper." "Where is the investigation leading to? The money obviously had been funded through a drug racket but it was so clandestine and lacked solid incriminating evidence. The fabric stretched to its limit over her abundant globes was at its breaking point. " she asked not sounding very cop like, heaving a sigh of relief, that made the chest buttons of her cop uniform almost pop out. " Duty calls," I said simply, settling down to the dusty visitor chair. That time was a mistake; you became privy to classified info because of my weakness. I work for them." Alice did not know whether to laugh or not. I am the team leader, we handle this case together." It took me the best part of the next hour to explain her why I was here and what it all meant.

" It had led me to the intimate zones of Janette and Alice till now, but that's not what I could report. I was on a cover up as a Civil engineer in Lusaka, which was a good cover as I indeed was one before I had joined Interpol, of course. Mc Lean's whereabouts and contacts in London had revealed that there was something fishy going on back in his home of Zambia. The next day I drove to the Lusaka downtown and parked in front of the crumbling edifice that served as Zambia Police Headquarters. It brought my own eager cock twitch in anticipation just looking over the goodies. " You and Interpol," she said in a bewildered tone that was hardly above a whisper. "If ordinary African cops were to see through our cover, its no fun working for Interpol, isn't it? " Why, you..." she started, her voice a sing song accent peculiar to Zambians, but again I interjected, "Save it for later. We met her chief, Chibanda too and he was surprisingly easy to handle and readily acceded to my demands of being let in on the case and teaming up with Alice.

Chapter 6 : Cops and robbers story starts After a tempestuous round of sex, Alice had dressed and left and I was contemplating what else to do, when I got the call. We always had a lurking suspicion that there was ring in the Southern Africa, which had funded a no. " Take me to Alice Banda's office." The other cop was a little less of a moron. "This way, sir" he ushered me to the stinky and dark corridor; It was a glaring example of the state of this country and its administration. " I looked at the heaving globes of her breasts in growing wonderment and lust as she settled down to her chair.

It was a familiar voice but not so in the recent days. of terrorist organizations in the Middle East and posed a distinct threat to Western interests. No skin off my nose, I wrinkled my nose and moved on. The pleasant sight of well rounded behind of Alice greeted my eyes as she had bent over at dusty filing cabinet. "After all the service I have given you recently, Alice, is that all you could say? She softened but had enough grit in her voice to say, "I don't have time for amusement now. " "I am on duty too" I said a little sternly, "I do hope you have heard of Interpol.

He wearing a crumbled sports jacket and tieless shirt; the background is stark. Uh, two elderly women are at a Catskills mountain resort, and one of 'em says: "Boy, the food at this place is really terrible." The other one says, "Yeah, I know, and such ... ALVY (His head still down) The universe is expanding. ALVY (Looking up at the doctor) Well, the universe is everything, and if it's expanding, someday it will break apart and that would be the end of everything! ALVY'S VOICE My analyst says I exaggerate my childhood memories, but I swear I was brought up underneath the roller- CUT TO: INT.

Hainora took a deep breath, inhaling the rich scent of the sea, and exhaled before she opened her eyes again.

Her toes curled in the fine white sand of the beach, the radiant warmth soaking into her feet while the bright sun warmed the rest of her through her loose white cotton clothing.

Melos was the shortest, born of Hainora's voluptuous wife Bliss, her features softened slightly by her mother's blood along with her hips, the modest swell of her bust, and her thighs.

Tifereth, the younger of the two, was however the spitting image of her sire at her age – tall, flat-chested, well-endowed (favouring nakedness in the sea over a swimsuit, Tifereth's fat uncut cock was freely swaying between her legs as she walked) and with a decidedly sharp, predatory look to her face. Even in temperament, she resembled Hainora the most strongly of both her parents.

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"I think I will blow my cover to Alice, the cop in charge here. The old man gave a guffaw and said," Be careful what you blow." I winced. Two burly black sentries blocked my way and arched their eyebrows menacingly. I stole behind her and slapped a heavy buttock with a light smack that made her jump and scream "AHHHHH," turn and look up sharply. I held up my badge and offered it to her as she looked at me incredulously. Interpol agents don't ask for Police co-operation every other day in Zambia.

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